5+ Things you can do to Simplify Party Planning

Party planning can be pretty overwhelming for people who are new to this kind of stuff, and believe it or not, everyone is, not only the beginners! Why though? Well, party planning involves a lot of calculations, budgeting and arrangements, which most frequently makes the head spin.

So, these tips can drastically help in making the process of party planning easier and stress free, so let’s delve right in!

  1. Take it slow:

That’s right, take the planning slowly. The last thing that you want is running around making arrangements on the day before your party. Don’t try to perform a whole week’s equal of work in one day. Try to divide the process into small subsections, like menu on one day, and décor on the next.


  1. Consider trying a buffet if you have the budget:

Many professional event planners say that if you have a large budget, you should always opt for a buffet. Guests can make their plate, and skip the things they don’t like, plus you don’t need to hear any whining about how you served something that isn’t suitable for vegetarians. So, it’s a win-win for both sides~!


  1. Tidy up your list of guests:

What would a party be if it didn’t have guests, right? Whatever kind of party you are hosting; it is always best that you keep tabs on your list of guests. This will help you immensely in the end of the day, as you can easily calculate the amount of money you spent and how many people went home with a full stomach!


  1. Call the big guys if you have to:

If you are a beginner in terms of hosting a party, it won’t hurt to hire an event planner to make sure the party is successful. If you have a low budget, you can just hire their consultation services. They’ll check everything and will review your overall plan, and will tell you what you missed!


  1. Send your invites beforehand:

I can’t stress enough on how important this is! If you want all your guests to arrive at your party and not spoil your perfect budgeting, you should try to send their invites at least 20 days before the big day. You can email them as well, but that’s not recommended as your guests can accidentally delete it. If you want an honest opinion, try sending a formal invite to everyone, but don’t waste too much of your budget on that!