land for sale?

On Netgocia have the best professional buyers contact floor of the main construction companies and real estate investment principals. If you have soil that fits our demand, we will be happy to evaluate it and if it meets the requirements of our clients and customers, we will offer them. Our initial management does not commit you to anything. To have our services, you need not

enter into any exclusive contract . Please note that we are looking for

solar urbanized residential use (from 50 households) and developing land for residential use (for a minimum of 1,000 homes ) in the provincial capitals and major Spanish cities. We are also looking solar urbanized tertiary use trade throughout Spain and solar urbanized industrial areas for industrial expansion, especially in the community of Madrid. Please note that to access our services land value that gives us

must be greater than one million euros . When we have an interested buyer, will tell you and if you are interested, we will negotiate the terms of our collaboration. The same way when we set out to buy high pr domains for our sights.